"Let the words of my mouth and
the meditation
of my heart be 
acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer."
                             Psalm  19:14

Christlike Dialogue Seminars

Disagreements are part of life. Whether it's a family struggle, controversial political issue, or differing views on race or religious beliefs, controversy occurs in the home, church, community and workplace. How can we respond in ways that glorify God?

By attending this life-changing seminar, you can learn to:

     • Embrace conflict as opportunity to mature in Christ
     • Persevere in love for others despite differences,
        without compromising truth
     • Replace gossip and argumentative monologues  
        with conversations that are honoring to God
     • Have peace in the midst of conflict

If you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us.

“Christlike Dialogue training has allowed me to change from being a “Dictator” to a father motivated by love for my children.”

Cherry Hills Community Church – Highlands Ranch, CO

“It is truly encouraging to me to see believers striving to interact with others biblically, and to see that the way of Christ does bear fruit. As a young person, seeing this example encourages me to continue “running the race.”

Dayton Ministerial Association – Dayton, TN

“Christlike Dialogue is key to maturity in Christ and building relationships with other believers and nonbelievers alike.”

Colorado Christian University – Lakewood, CO